March 03, 2021

Beat the Blues: Quarantine Activities You Can Do at Home

Pre-pandemic, you may have been enjoying the luxury of going on shopping sprees or hopping from one cafe to another. But that’s all in the past as the “new normal” is here. Ironically, while stuck at home, it can be difficult to feel “normal.” Hopefully, with the following activities, you’ll be able to bring the fun inside your home and come out with great memories and learnings.

Put on the Chef’s Hat... 

...or wear a complete chef’s uniform if that will make you feel like a PRO. This should be an exciting activity for those who are fond of cooking. At the same time, cooking is a way to show your love for the whole family by making them delicious meals.

If you don't know how to cook but would like to give it a try, don’t fret. Loads of online resources can teach you how to make crowd-pleasing dishes with simple ingredients and minimal preparation. The same goes for baking. You’d be surprised at the variety of baked goods you can make using three ingredients or less!

Make Cleaning Exciting

Cleaning may not be a fun idea for everyone, but it’s possible to turn it into an amusing activity. Cleaning with your favorite podcast playing in the background is one example. You can also get children to do some work by turning the cleaning activity into a game. You can create a chore competition chart and the one who gets to finish the most chores will have a special prize.   

Binge Watch (or Rewatch) Feel-Good Shows

This could be anything from concerts to your favorite sitcoms. The idea is to simply relax and have a good laugh. Take it up a notch by hosting an online movie party with friends. Make use of the latest streaming apps to watch your favorite movies together remotely.

Time for a Fun Exercise 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while having fun is easy when residing in a community with its own sports complex. Think indoor golfing area, 50-meter lap pool, and a bowling alley. These high-end sports facilities are within reach if you live in a sports-inspired condo like Victoria Sport Tower Station 2.

No access to such facilities? You can always go for an indoor workout. Throwing a dance party is perhaps the most entertaining idea. To keep it low-key, consider low-impact cardio exercises: running in place, modified jumping jacks, and the likes. 

Revisit Your Life Goals

While sitting with your thoughts at home, it can also be a great time to revisit your life goals and see how far you’ve come. Assess different life areas and find rooms for improvements. If you want to travel more, make a bucket list of the places you want to visit. If you’re planning to live independently in the city, you may want to look at modern condo developments like Victoria Sport Tower Station 2. While you’re at it, consider the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. If you’re aiming for an active, healthy, and integrated life, Victoria Sport Tower Station 2 is a top choice with its diverse amenities and accessibility. 

Ultimately, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far and staying motivated despite the pandemic.


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