March 03, 2021

Achieve a Healthy Condo Lifestyle With These 4 Tips

Condo living is among the most preferred lifestyles today as it complements the fast-paced world we live in. Known for their convenient location, condominiums allow you to get everything in an instant, so much so that you might find it exhausting to do manual or physical work. 

Condominiums aren’t just built for you to have a place to sleep that’s close to work. While this is one reason why condo living is appealing, these vertical developments can offer more benefits. One of them is the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. Whether you’re currently living in a condo or planning to move, here are some tips to help you live a healthy condo life.

Walk Towards Your Destination

Walkability is one of the irresistible features of modern condos today, especially those located in Metro Manila. For instance, Victoria Sport Tower Station 2 in Quezon City is situated near the MRT-3 stations of GMA-Kamuning and Quezon Avenue. It’s also in proximity to business establishments, media offices, restaurants, and entertainment hotspots. If you need to be in one of these places, you can simply walk to your destination for a quick cardio exercise. Similarly, you can do it indoors, as most condos have a landscaped area and jogging paths. On some days, you can try doing a more intensive exercise like jogging or brisk walking.

Make Full Use of Condo Amenities

Condo amenities are there for a reason: to promote a healthy lifestyle. Hitting the gym and doing a few laps in the pool are some of the common ways to keep your body in shape. But in sports-themed condo development like Victoria Sport Tower Station 2, you can do more and achieve more because of its spacious sports complex. You can improve your balance in the bowling alley, increase your muscular endurance in the boxing ring, or work on your hand-eye coordination at the table tennis court. In a condo with a built-in sports complex, there are plenty of activities that are both fun and healthy. 

Find Quiet Time Indoors

When thinking about your health, you must look beyond the physical and explore your mental well-being. The calming green spaces of condominiums are a great spot to enjoy some quiet time and do mindfulness activities. You can also explore the entertainment areas of modern condos like Victoria Sport Tower Station 2. These may include a coffee bar, movie house, or karaoke room that can help you relax and take your mind off stress.

Keep Your Distance 

Finally, in the era of a pandemic, learn to keep your distance from other condo residents. If amenities aren’t accessible, you can do simple home workouts inside your unit. For a more exciting workout routine, consider joining dance classes. You may also want to add green space to your unit, such as a place for plants or nature-inspired displays. This way, you can liven up your home and make it a place where you can thrive physically and mentally.

Here are simple yet valuable steps to living your condo life as healthy as possible. Besides these, follow a balanced diet and connect with loved ones to stay fit and sane amid a pandemic and beyond.


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