March 03, 2021

Here’s How to Maintain a Healthy, Active Lifestyle in the New Normal

If you’ve been idle for the last couple of months or so, it’s understandable given the circumstances brought on by the global pandemic. However, it’s no excuse to continue the sedentary behavior until it’s completely safe to go back outside again. 

A sedentary lifestyle, where one does little to no physical activity, has been the “new normal” for most people following the strict quarantine protocols. While it’s sometimes healthy to slow down, relax, and simply do nothing, too much inactivity can lead to serious health risks. The solution is to gradually introduce your body to physical activities. Here’s how you can do that without breaking the social distancing rules.

Taking It Slow 

It’s important to start slow when going back to exercising. If you choose the hard-core workout programs, you may become exhausted and frustrated, causing you to neglect the activity altogether. 

Starting slowly also helps you assess your current fitness level. You’ll be able to find the right workout routines and perform all the movements efficiently. Once your body eases up, see if you can move to the next level. 

Engaging in Physical Activities at Home

You don’t always have to go outdoors and sign up for a gym membership to lead an active lifestyle. Housework can also double as a fitness activity, and so is engaging in a child’s play. If you want to make it more fun and exciting, take online exercise classes like dancing and boxing. 

Doing Inward-Centric Exercises 

Looking after your mental health is also crucial to ensure that you can handle stress and make healthy decisions during the new normal. The simplest and most accessible exercise to boost your mental health is walking. A 10-minute walk around the neighborhood can already do wonders to your mind and body. But if there’s no option but to stay at home, mind-body exercises like yoga and pilates can be done indoors without using any special equipment.

Looking Ahead: Investing in your Future

As physical and mental exercises bring positive benefits to your health and thought patterns, you’ll be able to look at the brighter side and prepare for the future ahead. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle would be easier once the pandemic is over and mobility isn’t restricted. 

To further invest in your health and future, consider leading an active lifestyle in a community where all the necessary facilities are available. One excellent example of this is Victoria de Monumento Caloocan, a sports-themed condo development that promises endless physical activities.

Victoria de Monumento Caloocan takes pride in its 40,000-square meter sports complex, where you’ll find everything from a boxing ring, bowling alley to health and wellness spaces. The condominium is also designed as a mixed-use building. It has a hotel and a commercial strip that can fit over 200 retail stores, providing utmost convenience to all residents.

Themed condominiums like Victoria de Monumento Caloocan highlight the importance of physical activities in everyday life. Best of all, it has the makings of a modern dream home — accessible, functional, and complete with amenities for a well-balanced and healthy life.

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